House Bill 1555

Next Tuesday, April 14, The House Public Education Committee will consider HB 1555 for passage to the Full House. here is my letter of support that was sent the The Equity Center and Representitive Merritt’s office.

April 8, 2009

To: Chair and Members of the Texas House Public Education Committee

I Michael E. Gilbert, Superintendent of White Oak ISD, support HB 1555 and urge the Committee to vote it to the floor. HB 1555 is the only school finance bill that fully restores the student centered, formula driven system and it improves equity, decreases recapture by setting all three allotments (BA, GYA and EWL) at the 95%tile of wealth represented by the Austin ISD yield.
White Oak ISD is a high performing Class AA school district in East Texas. We are suffering in the current system from low target revenue, slow to no growth and little difference between actual enrollment and WADA. Without a dynamic fundamental change in this system (not a band-aide), we are looking at bankruptcy within the next five to six years. This is a no frills/no fat district at this time. Any further cuts will drastically affect the education of the students of White Oak. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!


Michael E. Gilbert
Superintendent of Schools
White Oak ISD