Swine Flu Information

This is a transcript of the information sent to parents by our Schoolmessenger automated phone system.

Swine Flu Precautions at White Oak ISD

White Oak ISD is monitoring all available information concerning the Swine Flu Cases. The district has taken several precautions to insure the health and safety of our students. Let me share the information and actions taken as of today;

1. There are no confirmed cases of Swine Flu in Gregg County or the counties that boarder Gregg County.
2. WOISD has increased cleaning and disinfecting efforts in all area of the school.
3. White Oak ISD faculty and staff are monitoring personal hygiene practices, especially hand washing for all students.
4. In compliance with yesterday’s UIL ruling, all interscholastic events have been postponed until May 11, 2009.
5. All WOISD district trips have been postponed or canceled at this time. As more information is available, trips will be looked at on an individual basis. Any trip that puts our students in close contact with students and/or adults from areas outside White Oak ISD will most likely be canceled.
6. Parents and Guardians are strongly encouraged not to bring students to school with a fever. Any student that has a fever should be taken to the doctor and examined immediately.

The administration at White Oak ISD is taking this situation very seriously. We want to thank our community in advance for your help and cooperation in this matter.