Band and Choir Trip

May 5, 2009

To the Parents of White Oak High School Band and Choir Students,

After a great deal of consideration and investigation, a decision was made to allow the students to take the trip to Orlando. There has been a great deal of conflicting information about H1N1 Flu Virus and the administration at WOISD took a very close look at all the factors connected with the decision to proceed with our plans for the end of this week. WOISD sought the advice of nurses, physicians, CDC officials and other school administrators in this process.
We have found no record of any school closings in the Central Florida area or in the state for that matter. Information released in the paper today indicates that school closings and attempts to keep students isolated are not affective and that the H1N1 strain is much closer to that of the more common types of flu than earlier believed. With these considerations and the knowledge that a great deal of planning went into this trip, the decision was made to allow the students to go to Florida. WOISD will take the following precautions to help insure the safety of our students;

1. There will be a school vehicle going with the buses to allow us to transport students to the doctor, if necessary.
2. Two nurses will be present at all times to monitor any questionable health issues that may arise.
3. School officials will have all necessary contact information and medical release forms for our students.

In the event that a student is ill and requires more than a doctor’s visit, the school vehicle can be used to make an early trip home. WOISD is very concerned about the safety of our students and wanted you to know that this decision was not taken lightly. I want to wish everyone involved with this trip safe travels and a pleasant, educational, time away from White Oak.


Michael E. Gilbert