HB 2824 is Alive and Well

I am proud to report that the Texas High Performance Schools Consortium is alive and well. Last week the Texas House of Representatives approved HB 2824 with a unanimous vote. The bill was sent the to Senate and is scheduled to be heard in committee, Thursday, May 16th. Consortium members as well as many other educators and supporters of the Texas Public Schools are in the process of contacting Senators to express their support for final passage of HB 2824.
When that vote to approve takes place and Governor Perry signs HB 2824 into law, the R&D department of the Texas Public Schools System will be in place and ready to tackle the difficult but very important work of developing the our next generation educational delivery system for all public school students in the state of Texas.
I am grateful for the unanimous support from the House of Representatives and Representative Simpson as a co-author of HB 2824. I believe the bill also has broad based support in the Senate and look forward to passage of this very important piece of legislation. I would ask that each of you contact your Senator and express your views on the merits of HB 2824.