White Oak ISD Community and Student Engagement Reports 2014/2015


Over the years, I have been very clear about the need for a more accurate method of rating the effectiveness of our Texas Public Schools. The current method of using STAAR/EOC results (one test per subject area on one day of the year) is not a true measure of what is taking place in a district, including White Oak ISD.

House Bill 5 was implemented state wide in 2013 and with that came the requirement for each school district to do a self-evaluation of the district and each campus. The results of these reports are to be posted on the district’s website and submitted to the Texas Education Agency. This was a very positive step towards letting the local district showcase the successes taking place in their schools everyday. White Oak ISD chose to not only post the rating earned by each campus and the district but included the actual report that documents our scores in each domain and performance measure.

There are eight domains to be addressed in the report and each domain will have between 4-10 individual performance measures. The domains are as follows;

  • Fine Arts – 6 performance measures
  • Wellness and Physical Education – 4 performance measures
  • Community and Parent Involvement – 6 performance measures
  • 21st Century Workforce Development – 7 performance measures
  • Second Language Acquisition Program – 7 performance measures
  • Digital Learning Environment – 10 performance measures
  • Educational Programs for Gifted and Talented Students – 7 performance measures
  • Drop Out Prevention – 6 performance measures

Each performance measure inside the domain is rated from unacceptable to exemplary. After this process in complete at the campus level, the district evaluation process takes into account the ratings of each campus to determine the district’s overall accountability rating. For the 2014/2015 School year our ratings are;

  • White Oak Primary – Recognized
  • White Oak Intermediate – Exemplary
  • White Oak Middle School – Recognized
  • White Oak High School – Recognized
  • White Oak ISD – Recognized

As stated earlier, the complete evaluation document for each campus and the district can be found on our website at www.woisd.net. The ratings are located on the district’s main page as well as on each campus page and the curriculum page.

As the years progress, you will be able to access current and previous years information to track the progress of any campus and the district in any of the eight domains listed above. It is my belief that this report, coupled with the results of our STAAR/EOC assessments will give you an accurate picture of the work and successes of our students, faculty, staff and leadership team. It is a true picture of what is taking place in your school district every day.

White Oak ISD is committed to the transformation of the classroom in order to provide the highest quality, relevant education that our students deserve. I hope you find this Community and Student Engagement Report to be both informative and encouraging as to the work that is being done by and on behalf of the students at White Oak ISD.